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Powergrip Vacuum Lifting and Transmission Equipment

Product Range

Powergrip 60101
Powergrip 602
Powergrip 602.1
Powergrip 6001
Powergrip Jumbo
Powergrip Accessory
Powergrip Pad

Powergrip Tools and Services

We offer a full range of vacuum lifting tools and devices, in all types of materials and carrying capacities
from small to large loads, with smooth air tight surfaces, to handle glass, plastic, metal, coated wood, marble,
stone, cement bags.

A high degree of safety is required using vacuum equipment with locking mechanisms and fail-safe controls.

Tested by TUV Germany and BSI UK, certified with the GS safety sign, equipped with an additional sealing lip, also
suitable for slightly curved or textured surfaces, Spare suction discs are supplied complete with suction pad, lever,
bolt, spring and pressure plate.

For handling very light loads, makes working with unwieldy parts quicker and more effective, suitable for all
materials with smooth, flat, airtight surfaces such as glass, plastic, metal, coated wood, marble, etc.

The Loadlifter handles bags with slightly porous surfaces, having a positive vacuum pressure at all times and lifting
approximently 100 Kilos. The Loadlifter allows one handed operation and thus quick, efficient work, suitable for all
materials with semi porous airtight surfaces, cement bags, potato bags, food bags, cardboard boxes, pvc sheets, meat
containers, flour bags.

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